With the sole intension to aid young researchers & students among the Bioinformatics and Computational Biology fields, the Regional Student Group Bangladesh, as a branch of International Society for Computational Biology (ISCB) Student Council, is conducting its activity.

It targets to bring Bioinformatics and Computational Biology students & researchers from various academies together and to offer them beneficial possibilities that can develop their scientific profession. It promises to accomplish its target by arranging yearly conferences, organizing hands-on workshops/courses, and making career talks with renowned scientists in relative fields. It also represents a national entity allowing for the gathering of young researchers evolving in bioinformatics.

Our Objectives


 1) To encourage & promote research and education in Bioinformatics & Computational Biology.

2) To establish a national structure for Bioinformatics, dedicating the young Bioinformaticians.

3) To promote scholarship, fellowship & research collaboration among the researchers.

4) To assemble a noteworthy amount of people possessing sufficient expertise in Bioinformatics in Bangladesh, in order to promote and establish an active society.


1) To promote Bangladeshi Bioinformaticians/ Computational Biologists, internationally to the public and private institutions.

2) To provide a medium favouring the involvement of young Bangladeshi researchers on an international level enabling them to have experience in the international field.

3) To represent and promote Bangladesh in the related field on an international level

4) To participate in well-known international organizations and attend conferences, science-talks, workshops


Contact: rsg-bangladesh@iscbsc.org

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